Top Considerations When Buying an Adjustable Bed

Decades ago, adjustable beds were limited to hospitals to enhance patients' sleeping needs. Today, adjustable beds are perhaps the coolest bedding option in the residential furniture market. That said, choosing an adjustable bed can be tricky if you consider all the brands available in the market. Rather than rely on band names, you can consider specific factors to help you select an adjustable bed that suits your needs. This article highlights top considerations.

Bed Noise — Since adjustable beds differ in their engineering and operation, you need to pay close attention to the noises made by specific models. The reason is that motor placement and bed type dictate the amount of noise an adjustable bed makes. The last thing you need is a bed that rattles and vibrates during operation since it affects sleep quality. Notably, look for an adjustable bed made from a stable steel frame that does not vibrate when the motor is on. Additionally, the motor should have noiseless properties to ensure quality sleep. Ensure bed fasteners come with washers to help dampen vibrations and noises during operation.

Different Mattresses — When buying an adjustable bed, you should understand that it only works with adjustable-friendly mattresses. In this regard, retailers often advise customers to purchase adjustable beds and mattresses at the same time. All-foam and hybrid mattresses are the most common, which is attributed to their affordability. However, they are not the only adjustable-friendly mattresses in the market; therefore, take time and go through your options. For example, mattresses like memory foam and latex are also adjustable-friendly, and they boast superior comfort levels. Exhaust all your mattress options and settle on a brand compatible with your adjustable bed.

Slatted or Solid Base — Adjustable beds come with two different base types: solid and slatted. A solid base is rigid and immovable, which is suitable for users who do not like a lot of movement while sleeping. They are also ideal for healthy individuals who do not suffer from joint problems. Additionally, a solid base requires regular airing of a mattress since the beds do not allow adequate airflow underneath. On the other hand, a slatted base is movable and conforms to the body's shape while sleeping. It is crucial for users with back problems since the slatted base offers excellent support. However, a slatted base requires adequate maintenance, and you should avoid jumping on the frame since it can cause damages.

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