Not All Adjustable Beds Are The Same, And That Matters When It Comes To Your Decision

Adjustable beds can be a great help for people with chronic spinal issues or painful varieties of arthritis in addition to just being a great feature for people who like more control over their beds. However, when it comes to adjustable beds, there are quite a lot of options when it comes to features, functions and capabilities, and that matters when you are deciding on your future bed. Before you start to seriously look at adjustable beds, you need to ask yourself which of these features is the most important to you so you know which direction to go in.

Dual Or Single Adjustment

Most adjustable beds come with the ability to control the top half of the bed but, contrary to public perception, relatively few come with dual adjustments which allow you to control the bottom half of the bed. If this is really important to you, then you need to specifically seek out the adjustable beds that do offer dual adjustments. Never assume that a bed does this without double-checking. If you are only looking for an adjustable bed that raises the top half, make sure you avoid dual adjustment beds so that you can save some money and spend that on another area that is more important to you.

Specific Mattress

Some adjustable beds will only function properly with a mattress that the frame manufacturer also provides. This limits your choices and pretty much means you have to buy the complete package from them now and in the future if you need any replacements. If the mattress that you have is key to your comfort when sleeping, ensure that it is compatible with any options you are considering. The best way to do this is by checking its measurements and seeing whether it meets the criteria of the new adjustable bed. Alternatively, you can call the adjustable bed company and ask whether it will fit or not.

Power Usage

An adjustable bed has to always be plugged into a socket to work, and it can drain quite a bit of electricity over its lifetime. If you are only looking for an adjustable bed for its primary function, then avoid adjustable beds with extra features like heating, speaker systems and so on. These extras will cause a much bigger strain on your budget long-term than a regular adjustable bed will. These luxury features also drive up the initial sale price of the adjustable beds they come in, and for many people who need these beds, price is a big factor. 

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