What You Need To Know About Kitchen Renovations

Many households in Australia have small kitchens with a lot of appliances, making it hard to maintain style, organisation and functionality. For kitchen updates, you need to research extensively and consult widely since remodelling trends are changing with every day. This overview will provide basic information on kitchen renovations.

Which Are The Best Kitchen Designs And Ideas?

One typical kitchen design is the kitchen cube. What makes it work for small spaces is that it defines the kitchen area without cramping the space. Also, it keeps things organised and neat, and the counter can serve as the dining or breakfast table. Another design is the G-shape. This design is best attached to an open-plan living area. What makes the design efficient is that it allows plenty of storage room, multiple cooks, as well as extra counter space.

When it comes to kitchen ideas, pull-out workspace is one great example. It allows you to pull out working spaces such as a hidden chopping board that can have an attached garbage receptacle underneath. Another idea is to paint the walls white to make the room appear bigger. Off-white works the same if white is too glaring for you. Alternatively, you can go for one wall design, wherein all the cabinetry and appliances run along one wall, hence, giving your kitchen a sense of openness.

What Should You Consider When Making Kitchen Renovations?

Before making any renovations, consider what you want from the space, how you want it to look and function, and if the size and configuration are right. Once you have figured these things out, determine how much you can afford to spend on every aspect of the project. Also, seek a professional's opinion to get advice on which kitchen renovations will be best suited for your kitchen.

Another consideration to make is the layout of your kitchen. While the shape and size of the kitchen will determine the ideal design, you can consider the classic working triangle. This concept minimises the walking distance and effort between the fridge, oven, and sink by placing these three appliances on the three points of a triangle.


When it comes to renovating the kitchen, design ideas need to be functional and practical. Some designs and concepts, such as G-shape and pull-out spaces, can maximise space and functionality. You also need to consider your budget and kitchen layout. For perfect kitchen renovations, you need to work with professionals.

For more information, contact a kitchen renovation service.