Choosing The Right Fabric For Your Chair Covers

When you're replacing chair covers there are a number of factors to take into consideration, including the type of fabric you should use. The right fabric for your chairs will depend on how often the chairs will be used, whether they are likely to get soiled and whether they form part of a formal or relaxed room setting. Here's an overview of popular chair cover fabrics for you to consider:


A natural fibre made from flax, linen can work in both contemporary and traditional surroundings. It's strong, soft and won't soil easily, so it's ideal as a chair cover for chairs that are used frequently or used by children and pets. However, it can wrinkle quite easily and this should be kept in mind when considering if this fabric will complement the overall style of the chair.


Cotton is durable and soft, so it's ideal for frequent use. It can be easily marked, and although marks generally come out of cotton fabric with a little soap and water, this should be kept in mind when considering its use. Cotton may be best suited to removable chair covers to allow for easy cleaning or as a covering for a chair that's only in occasional use.


Leather is a tough fabric that's easy to clean and won't pill or fade easily. It can wrinkle, but this tends to be the result of not caring for the fabric, rather than the result of normal use. Leather is an ideal choice for covering chairs that form part of an informal, casual room and will be used frequently by adults and children alike. Spills can easily be wiped off leather and occasional waxing can keep the fabric looking like new.


Polyester is a budget-friendly synthetic fabric that's strong and resistant to spills. Spills tend to sit on top of the fabric, so it's easy to clean and not prone to the wrinkling that can occur when a fabric has been saturated with liquid. Polyester works well as a chair cover in both traditional and modern settings, and this fabric is easy to dye and comes in a wide range of colours to complement the existing décor of the room the chair will be placed in.

If you're in the planning stages of replacing chair covers, consider taking advice from fabric and reupholstering specialists, as choosing the right material for your needs can help extend the life of the chair covers and ensure the fabric suits the use of the chair.

For further information on replacement chair covers, reach out to a local furniture store.