3 Benefits of Adjustable Beds for Healthy Seniors

When most people think about adjustable beds, the first thing that comes to their minds is hospital beds. Some people believe that adjustable beds are only meant for patients in a hospital or the terminally ill. However, nothing could be further from the truth because healthy people, such as the elderly, still can benefit from adjustable beds. As people age, their bodies experience physical changes, which might inconvenience mobility and daily activities. This article highlights the benefits of adjustable beds for healthy seniors.

Reduces Oedema 

As indicated earlier, old age brings with it a myriad of issues, such as fluid circulation. Even in healthy seniors, the circulation system does not function optimally, which often leads to fluid buildup, particularly in the lower extremities. The buildup is not usually painful, and seniors can go about their daily business. However, doctors are quick to caution against ignoring oedema because it can lead to skin ulcers and consequently interfere with blood flow. While severe oedema cases in seniors need medication, mild cases can be addressed by raising the feet above the heart, which allows body fluids to flow via gravity, reducing the swelling. Adjustable beds allow seniors to raise their legs for a prolonged period comfortably.

Less Pressure on Joints

Ligaments are crucial body parts that hold and stabilize joints. Similarly, joint fluids help reduce friction between joints and cushions against pain. However, ligaments become thin and joint fluids diminish as you age, leading to backaches and chronic pain in some major joints, such as the knees and pelvis. The pain can be excruciating when seniors sleep in standard beds because they cannot change their body position without help. On the other hand, adjustable beds allow seniors to change their body position easily whenever they want, which reduces the strain in affected joints.

Better Sleep

You would think that healthy seniors sleep better than their younger counterparts do. However, it is not always the case because older people often find it hard to fall asleep due to issues such as memory loss and cognitive difficulties. The conditions prevent seniors from getting the necessary restorative and rejuvenating rest. As such, loved ones must ensure that seniors get quality sleep, and adjustable beds make this possible. For instance, if an elderly person is more comfortable sleeping on their side with their head raised, adjustable beds make that possible. The best part is that seniors can change sleeping positions all night long.